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Unilever Life’s Intention
to Be Part of the World
With the first bar of Sunlight Soap over 100 years ago came Unilever founder William Lever’s great desire to promote family hygiene and the quality of life for women as housewives. Today, Unilever’s business is, at its core, driven by the intention to help consumers attain sustainable living through our everyday-use products and our business practices on a global scale.
Building on these intentions is our business partner platform dubbed Unilever Life that is designed to sustainably transform people’s lives for the better, whether that’s in terms of income, health, beauty or life in general. Unilever Life aims to achieve this by making the biggest waves ever in sustainable living.
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Building Sustainability for the World
and Its Future Generations
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Unilever Life loves providing magnificent consumer experiences that boost consumer health, fuel consumer confidence and create impressive results through outstanding,
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innovative health and beauty products. We are equally passionate about ensuring a beautiful world for the future generations of children and grandchildren.
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Our sustainable-living-driven business practices aim to achieve Unilever’s goal of halving the effects on the environment, enhancing the health and quality of life of the world’s billions of citizens, and improving millions of others’ daily existence.
Cultivating Personal Growth
through 360-Degree Learning
At Unilever Life it’s an even playing field where everyone is equal regardless of their education or background. It’s your chance to become our partner and one where you can start your own business through self-study or even with a coach.
Here you’ll find new sources of inspiration and develop your thought process as well as develop your leadership skills to make your life even fuller than before thanks to the UNILEVER LIFE LEARNING STUDIO, which offers 24-hour offline and online learning opportunities. We support all our partners in the pursuit of continuous growth by learning as much as you wish.
Change … for Your Entire Life
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You can transform any aspect of your life when you choose Unilever Life. Seize the opportunity to become our business partner and you can enjoy income, trips around the world and many other rewards. Our business platform is designed to become one with your lifestyle
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so that you can lead the life you’ve always dreamed of, take care of your family as you’ve always intended to and, at the same time, grow your business, unlock your potential and build your legacy as inheritance for future generations, all in the midst of warm and sincere friendship.
Unilever Life
Magnify the benefits of Unilever’s premium health and beauty products through social network marketing with our convenient, fast, and easy business partner platform known as “Entrepreneurial LIFE Platform”!
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